In this topic we had the pleasure of testing the VZ-58 TACTICAL .223 Brake from Chzech Small Arms, although the weapon is several years old, it is still worth a closer look. Looking at the appearance of this weapon, many think it is an AK-47 but nothing is further from the truth, the only thing this weapon has in common with the AK-47 is the 7.62 x 39mm pattern. This weapon actually has more in common with the Walther P38s, Beretta 92s, Brens and Glocks than with the AK-47.


Let’s face it, the design of the VZ 58 TACTICAL is not one of the best in the class. Although the transparent magazine of the weapon is a cool feature, the rest of the weapon could be finished a little nicer. Everything has been made fairly robust, which of course makes the whole solid, but no attention has been given to the fine finish.


With its 2.75 kg (without warehouse) the weight of the VZ 58 is very good. The weapon has an extendable flask so that it can be adjusted to your own wishes for each figure. The weapon is equipped with a manual safety that is on the right side. The big disadvantage of the position of the safety is the placement, it cannot be operated in 1 smooth motion. Since we fire with a 7.62 x 39 mm caliber, a high form tension is necessary to achieve effective results. This can be at the expense of ease of use, but admit, we all have want to do this to fire with a nice caliber such as the 7.62 ?

To place the magazine on the rifle, the front part must first be inserted into the weapon and then the rest. It is useful to first take the new charger in hand, place it on the empty charger and change it in this way. Due to the difficulty of entering the loader, this can be at the expense of handling speed.


We shot with the VZ with a mounted red dot. The red dot was set at a distance of 25 meters. It doesn’t have to be said that with shots at 25 meters we could shoot a nice group. The disadvantage of the red dot is, that when the distance is deviated, the result is no longer the same. This is of course not due to the VZ but to the red dot.


Caliber 7.62 x 39 mm
Muzzle velocity 560 – 570 m/s
Number of grooves in barrel 4
Overall length of rifle with stock extended 645 mm
Overall length of rifle with stock folded 435 mm
Barrel length 190 mm
Length of sight line 155 mm
Extent of rear sight from 100 to 500 m
Width of rifle 59 mm
Height of rifle with magazine 170 mm
Practical rate of fire 40 shots/min.
Maximum range of fire 1,800 m
Lethal effect of projectile 1,800 m
Weight of rifle (without magazine) 2.75 kg
Weight of rifle with loaded magazine 3.43 kg
Weight of empty magazine 0.19 kg
Weight of full magazine 0.68 kg
Trigger pull 2.5 – 2.7 kg (24.5 – 26.5 N)


Handling & Mobility

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