Calibre 7.62 mm x 51
Operating principle Gas-operated
Bolt system Rotating bolt, fires from the open bolt
Feed mechanism Belt feed from left side, NATO 7.62 disintegrating belts
Modes of fire 0-D
Rate of fire  approx. 640/720/800 rounds/min
Max. effective Range approx. 600 m (Bipod)
approx. 1200 m (Gun mount)
Sights  M/O
Buttstock  FO
Length min./max. approx. 960/1202 mm
Width approx. 120.0 mm
Height  approx. 241.0 mm
Barrel length  approx. 550 mm
Sight radius approx. 600.0 mm
Weapon  approx. 11.60 kg
Barrel approx. 3.00 kg
Bipod approx. 0.70 kg

More info coming soon…