GLOCK 20 SF (Short Frame)

The GLOCK 20 SF combines the SF (Short Frame) design with the powerful 10 mm Auto AUTO cartridge making the frame more comfortable and significantly enhancing controllability and accuracy. The SF design reduces the circumference of the receiver at the rear offering increased ease-of-use and control, especially to shooters with smaller hands. The GLOCK 20 SF dimensions also provide a long sight radius for better precision.


10 mm Auto


Safe Action

Mag. Capacity


Barrel Length

117 mm


775 g

Weight + mag.

865 g

Weight + loaded mag.

1125 g

Trigger Pull          (Depending on config.)

28 N

Muzzle Velocity   (Depending on ammunition)

370 m/s

Muzzle Energy     (Depending on ammunition)

750 J


Length (Overall)| 205 mm
Slide Length 193 mm
Width (Overall) 34 mm
Slide Width 28,5 mm 
Height incl.Mag. | 140 mm 
Sight radius (Polymer) | 172 mm
Sight radius (Steel) 171 mm
Sight radius (GNS) 170 mm
Trigger Distance 72,5 mm