GLOCK 17C Gen4

The GLOCK 17C Gen4 compensated pistol has an integral parallel port compensation system which reduces muzzle flip, felt recoil, and aids in quicker follow-up shot target acquisition.


9 mm Luger


Safe Action

Mag. Capacity

17 (19, 24, 31, 33 optional)

Barrel Length

114 mm


620 g

Weight + mag.

700 g

Weight + loaded mag.

910 g

Trigger Pull          (Depending on config.)

28 N

Muzzle Velocity   (Depending on ammunition)

350 m/s

Muzzle Energy     (Depending on ammunition)

490 J


Length (Overall) 202 mm
Slide Length 186 mm
Width (Overall) 32 mm 
Slide Width 25,5 mm
Height incl.Mag. 139 mm 
Sight radius (Polymer) 169 mm 
Sight radius (Steel) 168 mm 
Sight radius (GNS) 167 mm 
Trigger Distance 70 mm