SSP has started a new era in competitive target shooting. Walther’s competitive target pistol sets new standards with respect to reliability and technology. The WALTHER SSP obtains maximum precision at the highest possible technical level, utilizing all anatomic possibilities.

· LINEAR-System: Hammerless system: The striker performs a linear movement in the immediate vicinity of the barrel axis. Thus no torques or tilting moments are generated inside the pistol, unlike in the hammer system.
· MOTION CONTROL System: A pneumatic damping system provides a smooth release of the shot and cushions the rearward movement of the slide.
· Laminated wood grips with PROTOUCH surface structure in three grip sizes (S/M/L) as well as left (M)
· 3D grip adjustment, the center of rotation is favorably located below the barrel axis.
· Extremely light construction with a favorable center of gravity
· Weight and center of gravity variable by additional counterweights
· All adjusting screws in the area of trigger and grip can be reached from the outside
· Finger position is adjustable in height and length and rotatable in three axes
· Low-lying bore axis
· Maximum permissible barrel length, tension-free barrel bedding
· Also for the rapid-fire discipline
· Integral front sight in three sight widths
· Removable and exchangeable rear sight (precision/duel)
· Continuously adjustable rear sight width and height
· Cocking status indicator
· Large, ergonomically optimized cocking grips with integrated slide stop buttons operable from both sides

Walther SSP M green

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