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EUR 105 (prepayment) Team score: EUR 40 per team, BDS members only If team scores are not possible (at least 3 teams per division), the team registration fee will be reimbursed.

The starting fee is due and payable at the time of registration. It is mandatory that the payment arrives at least 4 weeks before the match; transfer order within 4 weeks before is not enough. If the starting fee is not paid on time, the registration will be canceled.

Participants on the waiting list pay after they have received a slot.

Arms legislation

  • Outside the shooting range, shotguns must be unloaded and separated from the ammunition in a sealed bag / case.
  • Pump action must have a minimum running length of 45 cm (18 inches) and a total length of 95 cm (38 inches)
  • Semiautos are limited to a maximum magazine capacity of 10 rounds
Wednesday + Thursday 8:00 am build-up
Friday 09:45h – 10:45h registration
10: 40h Compulsory briefing for all participants Competition day 1
10: 50h – 18: 00h Competition day 1
17: 00h – 18: 00h registration Match day 2
Saturday 07: 00h – 08: 00h registration Match day 2
07: 40h Mandatory briefing for all participants Competition day 2
07:50h – 18:50h Competition day 2
16:00h – 18:00h registration Match day 3
Sunday 07:00h – 08:00h registration
07: 40h Mandatory briefing for all participants Competition day 3
08:00h – 16:45h Competition day 3
ongeveer 17:30h Ceremony

Attention! Til 03.01.2019 20:00 noon registration is restricted to RO and members of IPSC-Germany.
Others will be cancelled without further notice. Minimum Age is 18.

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